Steps To Take

Help for our customers struggling to make their mortgage payments

The sooner you respond, the more quickly we can determine if you're eligible for mortgage assistance options to help make your payments more affordable or avoid foreclosure. To apply for help, we need you to send us financial information so we can determine if you qualify for options that may allow you to stay in your home, such as repayment, forbearance or a loan modification as part of the federal government's Home Affordable Modification, or another program. We may also be able to help you avoid foreclosure by selling the home for less than you owe or releasing your property.

If you have other mortgage loans or liens that aren't serviced by Chase, we encourage you to contact that servicer to find out if you're eligible for assistance for those accounts.

We're ready to help you find a more affordable mortgage loan solution! Call your Customer Assistance Specialist or 1-866-550-5705 if you have questions about your options or about the forms and documents we need. Once we have all the necessary forms and documents to review your application, we will contact you within 30 days regarding your eligibility.