Other Resources

Seeking additional help

We're here to help you - and so are a lot of other people.

We work with community leaders, housing advocates, public officials and investors to help homeowners stay in their homes. There are many groups and organizations focused on foreclosure prevention that provide information and access to certified counseling services.

Here are additional places you can turn to for assistance.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-Certified Counseling Agencies

HUD is a U.S. government agency focused on increasing homeownership. You can access the HUD's voice response system for a list of approved credit counseling agencies at 1-800-569-4287.

Check out HUD's Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure


HOPE NOW is an alliance between counselors, servicers, investors and other mortgage market participants with a mission to prevent foreclosures through outreach to borrowers at risk. Chase is a founding member of the HOPE NOW alliance. To obtain more information about HOPE NOW counseling agencies, please call 1-888-995-HOPE (1-888-995-4673).

Visit the HOPE NOW website for more information.

If you live in the state of Washington and would like to speak with a certified housing counselor, call 1-877-894-HOME (1-877-894-4663). The Washington Homeownership Information Hotline and website are resources available exclusively to residents of Washington.