How To Keep My Home

More and more Americans are struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments - a lost job, family illness or a drop in home value can create a crisis. No matter what your individual situation is, you may have options. The sooner we talk, the more options you may have available to you.

Home Affordable Unemployment Program

If you or someone in your household has recently become unemployed, you may qualify for a program that offers temporary financial relief by reducing your monthly mortgage payments while you look for a new job.

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Home Affordable and Chase Loan Modifications

If you are now struggling to make payments or think you may fall behind due to a recent change in your situation, a loan modification may help you get mortgage payments you can afford and get back on track.

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What to Expect

Learn more about the mortgage assistance application process.

Other Home Retention Options

If you want to stay in your home and expect to have the ability to resume monthly payments, either currently or in the near future, there are options other then loan modification that may be available.

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A note about the Home Affordable Program

Chase actively participates in the Making Home Affordable Program. With that, we are required to evaluate homeowners for a Home Affordable Modification before evaluating them for other options. If it is determined that you are not eligible for a Home Affordable Modification, we'll evaluate you for other workout options to keep you in your home or advise you of other foreclosure alternatives. If you request a modification and are determined eligible, you will enter in to a trial period plan. If you decide you do not want to continue with the loan modification but would prefer to move to a Short Sale agreement, you will need to submit a request for consideration of a short sale.

How mortgage modifications could affect the credit reporting for your mortgage

If your mortgage is delinquent when you enter a trial modification, we will report it as delinquent to the credit reporting agencies until your permanent mortgage modification is approved. If you are current on your mortgage payments when you enter a trial modification and you make each trial payment on time, we will continue to report your mortgage as current. In both cases, we will make a special comment that you are paying under a modified payment agreement. If you get a permanent modification, we will report the mortgage status and make a special comment that you are paying under a modified payment agreement.