Purchase Protection*

The following information is a summary only. Please see your Guide to Benefits for complete details.

Benefit Overview

  • Can repair, replace or reimburse you for eligible items in the event of theft or damage when items are purchased with an eligible Chase card or with rewards earned on an eligible Chase card
  • Coverage is in excess of any valid and collectible insurance such as homeowner’s insurance, or other forms of reimbursement

Who’s Covered

  • Cardholder
  • Recipients of gifts purchased by the Cardholder with an eligible Chase card

Coverage Amount/Period

  • Up to a maximum of $10,000 per claim and up to $50,000 per year  

What’s Covered

  • Eligible personal property that has been damaged, stolen, or involuntary and accidental parting with property within 120 days from the date of purchase

What’s Not Covered

This is not an exhaustive list. Examples include:

  • Items that mysteriously disappear with no evidence of a wrongful act
  • Used or pre-owned items
  • Antiques and collectible items
  • Boats, automobiles, aircraft and any other motorized vehicles
  • Computer software
  • Items purchased for resale, professional, or commercial use

Important Claim Information and Timeframes

  • You, the Cardholder, must notify the Benefit Administrator within 90 days of the loss, damage, or theft
  •  The Benefit Administrator will send you a claim form when  you report your loss; you must submit a completed claim form and supporting documentation within 120 days after the damage or theft
  • If the item has been stolen, you must file a police report within 48 hours of the occurrence
  • Your damaged item may be repaired, rebuilt or replaced or you may be reimbursed for the covered item at the discretion of the Benefit Administrator
Need to Know

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Or call 1.800.390.4235 for information or to file a claim.

Call 1.800.390.4235

for information or to file a claim.