Emergency Evacuation and Transportation*

The following information is a summary only. Please see your Guide to Benefits for complete details.

Benefit Overview

  • Provides emergency evacuation and transportation if you are injured or become ill during your trip and it results in a necessary emergency evacuation
  • Provides coverage when the covered trip has been purchased with an eligible Chase card or with rewards earned on an eligible Chase card and trip includes travel on a common carrier such as an airline, bus, cruise ship or train
  • Coverage is supplemental to and excess of any valid and collectible insurance or other reimbursement

Who’s Covered

  • Cardholder
  • Cardholder’s spouse or domestic partner
  • Legally Dependent children under age 18 (25 if enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited institution)

Coverage Amount

  • Up to $100,000

What is Covered

This is not an exhaustive list. Examples include:

  • Transportation, medical services, and medical supplies that are necessary for your emergency evacuation
  • Transportation includes, but is not limited to, air ambulances, land ambulances, and private motor vehicles

What is Not Covered

This is not an exhaustive list. Examples include:

  • Travel for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment
  • Non-emergency services, supplies, or charges
  • Care which is experimental/investigative in nature

Important Claim Information and Timeframes

  • The evacuation must be pre-approved by the Benefit Administrator in consultation with a legally licensed physician who certified that emergency evacuation is warranted due to the severity of the injury or sickness. The Benefit Administrator must also make the actual medical transportation arrangements.
  • You, the Cardholder (or your representative) must contact the Benefit Administrator immediately for preapproval and to receive a claim form
  • The Benefit Administrator will send you a claim form.  You must submit a completed claim form and supporting documentation within 180 days of the date of occurrence
  •  Trip duration must be between 5 and 60 days and you must be 100 miles or more from home
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