So You Can run your business at full speed with personalized service.

See how Chase Platinum Business helps CE-DFW accelerate cash flow and maximize sales opportunities.


Personalized attention and services to help your business move


Personalized Service

Keep your business moving with support from a team of business bankers. We'll help with everything from every day transactions to more complex financial solutions.


No Fee Electronic Deposits

Uncover another area of efficiency in your business. Leverage the convenience of unlimited electronic deposits with no transaction fee for your companyFootnote  (Opens Overlay).


Anytime, Anywhere Merchant Services Reporting

Monitor chargebacks and easily reconcile your payment operations with our flexible, secure and convenient reporting solution.


Next Day Funding

Our merchant services can help accelerate your cash flow. When your business gets paid, your funds are deposited the next business day, excluding weekends and bank holidaysFootnote  (Opens Overlay).


Designed for businesses with deposit and investment balances of $100,000 or moreFootnote  (Opens Overlay).


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